Posted on: July 23, 2012 4:20 pm

Another Jags football milestone

The South Alabama football Jaguars,  who are entering the second of a two-year transition to the NCAA Football Bowl Subdivision, recently achieved a milestone by being recognized as an FBS school, and part of the Sun Belt football conference, on this web site with their own team page.  They have their own team page on ESPN also.

Check it out!
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Posted on: August 18, 2011 7:49 pm

Ready for some Jags Football?

Last year was the first time the Jags were ever ranked anywhere in football.  They began the season at #246, the very bottom of Jeff Sagarin's poll.  They ended the season never defeated at #122.  Not bad.
This year they start at #126.  Also not bad.  Let's see if they can make another big move this year, the first true "transitional" year for South Alabama.  It will be a challenge.  As you likely know, the Jags have two BCS teams on their schedule.  Kent State at #124 will be tough as an away game, but within the realm of possibility.  NC State at #43 is another thing altogether.  Can the Jags compete with them?  What do you think? 
Can't wait to see what happens!  Speaking of seeing, I still haven't seen them play.  Shame on me.  Almost got to see them play UC Davis in Cali last year, but ended up with a conflict.  I need to make it to a game this year, somewhere.  I see some games will be televised locally on CH44 this year as well as on ESPN3.  Tampa is home and my current project is in New Mexico so logistics will be tough but somehow I need to get to Ladd Stadium some Saturday this fall; or maybe Raleigh? 


Posted on: August 31, 2010 2:03 pm

South Alabama is officially on the Football Map

You don't hear or see much about South Alabama football outside of Mobile; at least not yet.  I've seen the odd reference on ESPN, but nothing to speak of. 
But now, the Jaguars finally are a dot on the college football map. I saw it in USA Today last Friday in their extra section on College Football.  Though not in a conference listings yet, and not yet listed with the teams with their schedules, there it was.
South Alabama was listed in Sagarin's rankings!  Oh what a thrill! 
OK, they were ranked 245 which is dead last, but hey, they were ranked; no longer invisible outside of Alabama's big left toe.
One could argue that the Jaguars are actually tied with Georgia State for 244th as ratings values are identical, but that's not how Mr. Sagarin does things.  There are no ties.  It looks like the tie breaker is the alphabet.
Anyway, there's no where for South Alabama to go but up, literally.  I will moniter this anxiously as the Jaguars rocket up the ratings chart.  How high can they go?  Can they break 200 this year?

Can't hardly wait, can you?

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Posted on: August 16, 2010 5:38 pm

So, I'm Blogging now?

I thought I was starting a message thread not a blog.
The hazards of late night on line activity.

I guess it's easy getting in on the ground floor when you're talking about USA football.
I'm excited about this season though.  The level of competition is ramping up.  Don't laugh, we've actually heard of some of these schools, right?
I know, I know, there aren't any Bowl Subdivision teams on the schedule yet, but this years schedule will be a challenge.
Some of these guys do play some tough games.  Most notably:

UC Davis vs. California
Nicholls State vs San Diego State
and, last but not least,

Georgia State vs. Alabama  -What were they thinking?  They've only had a team for a few years and are only planning on being a member of the Colonial Athletic Association, a Division 1 conference.  On the other hand, it makes a lot of sense.  Bill Curry is the head coach and when they play in November, it will be a warm up for the Iron Bowl.

Georgia State has other ties to South Alabama.  Once upon a time, they were both in the Sun Belt conference.  Georgia State's football developement began like South's, with a club team.  In 2002 they played their first club game, at South Alabama.  They lost 9-8 in sloppy conditions in Mobile, then avenged the loss later that year in Atlanta.  They now play in the Georgia Dome. A great venue in a great city, good excuse for a road trip if we start playing a home and home series.

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